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  • Provide 2 to 5 days of hands-on participation to youth residents (6 to 18 years of age)

    • We will utilize the community recreational area for physical exercise (basketball, football, golf, tennis, etc.) to develop the kids' social growth.

    • We will utilize board games to develop social interaction.

    • We are implementing tutorial classes as needed with high school and college students, and available teachers.

    • Develop and teach computer skills by collaborating with other organizations such as Communities in Schools, Mercer Students, high school computer teachers, reading and math and science specialists, and health and nutrition specialists.

  • Provide health tips menus that will enable their focus in school

    • Nutrition; recommended foods to eat and avoid

    • Proper rest

    • Hygiene and personal grooming

  • Visit schools with parents of at-risk youth

    • Obtain parent permission to speak with school counselors and teachers

    • Collaborate with other mentoring programs to assist in training at-risk youth

  • Saturday Workshop

    • Identify at-risk youth who need employment

    • Make resources available to hire and train at-risk youth, including Workforce Development, Job Fairs, and Small Businesses

    • Identify youth who are unaware and unfamiliar with the college application process, and make resources from area colleges available to them

    • Make programs available such as "Stop Safe Drive Safe", who train youth what to say and do if they are stopped by a Law Enforcement Officer

    • Consider Consequences Program, Girls Scout, Boy Scouts, Cup Scouts

  • Educational Excursions

    • Field trips to athletic games

    • College classroom visits and college athletic events

    • Historic landmarks and museums, including touring the city in which participants live and learning about local government

  • School Visits

    • Visit with program members for lunch and attend activities that may cause for a male figure

    • Conference and make teachers, principals, and counselors aware that the Roger Jackson Motivating Youth Program is here to assist them with participants that are not following rules, maintaining outstanding grades, and/or behavior

  • Check on all program participants' school activities

    • Visit with teachers counselors, and principals

    • Attend parent/teacher conferences with participants where concerns arise

    • Develop a rapport with teachers, counselors, and principals

    • Have a day program for those that are suspended

  • Transportation


PLEASE NOTE: No day program for those who have been suspended

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