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The lessons learned through participation in sports, such as self-confidence, teamwork, discipline, the value of practice and the thrill of individual achievement are critical to a young person's development. Our program uses these lessons, and others, to help our members grow. Members participate in activities that involve leadership, community service, entrepreneurship, social skills, advanced education and career exploration. Group members develop a sense of belonging through the activities and interaction with their peers. They learn to work as a team to accomplish their goals. They make decisions as a group, plan their own events and govern themselves. Each member has a role in helping the group function.

Our program has grown from 5 honor roll kids in 2009 when we opened to over 75 honor roll kids today out of 135 youth, with 14 after-school teachers and 22 teachers and 5 coaches for the summer.


Physical, intellectual, social and emotional development are the four areas of growth essential for young people to reach their potential. Our program goal is to:

  • Develop a positive learning environment

  • Serve as a positive role model for members

  • Be enthusiastic, flexible and creative

  • Motivate and support young people

  • Be aware of youth needs and characteristics at their age group

What the program offers

  • A safe place of their own, where they can relax and be with friends

  • Caring and listening adult staff

  • Opportunity to plan their own activities

  • Programs that address their own needs and interests

  • Opportunity to participate in physical activities

  • Develop competence and achievement

  • Opportunity for creative expression

  • Positive interaction with peers and adults

  • A sense of structure and clear limits

  • Meaningful participation in authentic work

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